Wine loves VitaJuwel


Selected wineries and professional sommeliers rediscovered the ancient tradition to enhance their wine with amethysts and achieved amazing results. The difference is that today they don’t place the gems directly in the wine but use a much more hygienical method: gemstone vials by VitaJuwel. Our “Vino” vial softens the wines natural acids and makes it taste smoother while maintaining its fruity aroma. You won’t be able to magically create the bouquet of a wine of the century, but the taste of every exquisite wine will be uniquely refined with VitaJuwel.

For true wine lovers, enjoying wine is not the same as drinking wine. Celebrating a great wine, together with friends and family, demands creating a perfect atmosphere and preparing the wine the right way. Using VitaJuwel Vino vial is one essential component. But don't forget about decanting the wine. As lots of customers asked about combining the act of decanting with VitaJuwel, we created a specially shaped wine decanter fitting the volume of a regular wine bottle and our VitaJuwel Vino vial. Handcrafted by our artists in Europe, it has become a true masterpiece!










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amethyst - rock crystal


Even before our recordation of time, the ancient Greek knew about the special effect that amethysts have on the flavor of liquids and used them to enhance their wines. The Greek translation for amethyst is “the nonintoxicable.” Selected wineries and professional sommeliers rediscovered this tradition and achieved amazing results by using VitaJuwel vials. While maintaining its fruity aroma, the gems in the VitaJuwel Vino soften the wine's natural acids thereby making it smoother to enjoy. The VitaJuwel – Vino contains shiny amethysts and brilliant rock crystal. It is hand crafted with a unique curved surface.






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Wine Decanter

Besides the taste, true wine lovers also give great importance to the manner in which they consume their wine, the celebration. So of course a beautiful decanter, which contributes to a classy and exquisite enjoyment of the wine, is essential. The VitaJuwel decanter is a true masterpiece through its hand craft and an extraordinary piece of decoration. In combination with VitaJuwel gemstone vial, indulgence of some of life's pleasurable moments can even be more intense.