Wellness - Pranamat Eco


All types of pain can be reduced or eliminated by Pranamat Eco therapy. Headache and back pain relief are among most commonly reported benefits.


Pain is not a disease, it's a symptom. Common pain-killers may relieve the perception of pain while not addressing its cause. Some pain-killers with caffeine may help to dilate contracted blood vessels but they may also cause unpleasant side effects on your heart and blood pressure. Pranamat Eco helps to fight the reason pain appears in the first place, working with the pained organ as well as the organism as a whole.


Endorphins, triggered by Pranamat Eco. are natural pain killers, effective in blocking pain and creating a sense of well-being. Furthermore, they reduce tension in the muscles and increase blood and lymph flow, thus helping the body to heal itself.


You can use Pranamat Eco by lying on your back for 15-40 minutes for overall improvement and pain-killing:






You can also use the mat on specific areas of your where you feel the pain, for 5-10 minutes: