Wellness - Pranamat Eco


After using this program, you almost likely won't need as many hours of sleep as before because your sleep will be deeper and you will rest better. This program will take your relaxation to a new level.


Since many people tend to lose tract of time and fall asleep while lying on the Pranamat Eco, you may wish to set an alarm before starting the program. On the other hand, if you are using this program right before sleep, you can also choose to drift to sleep on Pranamat Eco. Sleeping on Pranamat Eco is fine, but we suggest using a special linen cloth to cover the lotuses to ensure you don't scratch your skin during sleep. Don't forget that conscious, meditative rest is more beneficial than sleeping.


        40 to 50 minutes, lie on your back:






We strongly recommend you to lay on it with no any clothes on - the mat will have more efficiency.