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Stress is a normal psycho-physiological reaction to effort that exceeds normal activities. It is not a disease, since a fit and well-balanced person not only can handle stress well but actually needs a certain amount of stress to stay active.


Stress itself is a potent trigger for endorphin release.


However, if the stress is sustained for a longer period of time, the organism loses its balance and often experiences and an endorphin deficit. Then, fighting stress is necessary. Pranamat Eco can help you with endorphin and oxytocine release in the bloodstream, letting you have a happy, harmonious experience. By using the mat regularly, the level of these hormones in your body will be higher. It will rejuvenate your body and mind, helping you to cope with everyday stress.


        2 minutes each foot:






     15-20 minutes on the back:






        2 minutes each side:






        Total 20-25 minutes.