Neti Pot by Organic-4life is a convenient and beautiful device for cleaning the nasal cavity and sinuses with a light saline solution. Its design was suggested by nature itself and designed in the shape of a lotus petal.
Ayurveda – the ancient science about life – pays great attention to the nasal hygiene. In Sanskrit, the purification of the nose is called “Jala Neti” and the nose cleaner is called “neti pot”. This is an ancient time-tested procedure that purifies the body and calms the mind.

The Neti Pot is made of porcelain, the cork lid is an applicator made of natural cork.

The weight of Neti Potl – 530 g

The total volume of Neti Pot – 450 ml.

Recommended quantity of washing salt solution - 300ml.



Neti Pot is designed for everyday nose hygiene. It is a convenient and beautiful device for cleaning the nasal cavity and sinuses with salt solution.


It is recommended:



  • For regular cleaning of the nasal sinuses contamination (dust, microorganisms, secretions).

  • In cases of dryness and discomfort felt inside the nose. The procedure restores the natural state of the mucosa, which is the first protective barrier in the body.

  • For strengthening body’s protective and self-healing abilities. Natural protection in case of frequent respiratory diseases, susceptibility to cold, flu and allergic rhinitis.

  • To facilitate normal breathing. The procedure establishes a habit of breathing through nose.

  • To restore the natural chemical state of the mouth and nose, which helps to return and improve the perception of smell and taste.

  • Helps relaxation and de-stress- warm water flowing through the nose and sinuses has a soothing effect and leads to deep relaxation.



Neti Pot will make nasal cleaning procedure as comfortable and pleasant as possible. The method is simple and safe, and the pot is convenient to use.
For rinsing please use saline solution close to physiological concentrations (0.9% NaCl).
We recommend using sea salt (but not iodized) with filtered or drinking water.
During first use, discomfort is possible due to new sensations or due to inflammation in nose and sinuses.

  • Wash the neti pot thoroughly.


  • Pour warm pre-boiled water at body temperature and add one teaspoon of salt per 500 ml of water.


We recommend using sea salt. Iodine salt is not suitable for usage with Neti Pot. Stir until the salt is dissolved. The solution should remind one of the taste of tears. If you feel burning or otherwise uncomfortable sensations during nasal cleansing, readjust the salt concentration and temperature of the water.



  • Stand at the sink or bathtub, place your feet directly under each shoulder, keep spine and head straight. Carefully put the tip of the nozzle in the right nostril, slant your head to the right side right so that your chin aligns with your shoulder, and start to pour the solution slowly, while keeping your mouth open. Breathe slowly through your mouth. Try not to yawn, talk or laugh during the procedure. The water must pour out through the left nostril. If the solution gets in your mouth, do not swallow it but readjust the position of your head so that the water gets in your left nostril.




  • After ending the procedure with one nostril, blow your nose by doing 20-30 sharp breaths turning your head in various positions.


  • Repeat steps 3-4 with your left nostril.


  • Wash the Neti Pot with warm water.


  • Effective in fighting and preventing allergies, infections and illnesses.

  • Especially recommended when sick with respiratory illnesses or allergic reactions.

  • Improves breathing through the nose and enhances energy flow in your body.

  • Natural protection from flu and other respiratory illnesses by strengthening the body’s natural resistance.


According to well known book “Sukshma Vyayama” by Dhirendra Brahmachari it is believed that these problems you may cure by using Neti Pot daily:


  • Chronic headache
  • Insomnia
  • Sluggishness
  • Weakness
  • Loss of hair
  • Poliosis (early grey hair)
  • Eye irritation
  • Night myopia
  • Misting of vision
  • Ear weakening
  • Ear shooting
  • Nasal illnesses
  • Cough