Rediscover one of nature's most valuable secrets!


Enjoy your own fresh and pure gemstone water with your hand-crafted gemstone vial that is as unique as you are.


Gemstone water - a method of drinking water enhancements, that can be traced back to ancient time for the journey of life.


These are for good reasons, since gemstones are valued for many characteristics; they improve the taste and salubriousness, keep the water fresh, and they prevent bacterial contamination. Gemstones can neutralise the negative consequences of technical water preparation by revitalising the water and increasing its health promoting qualities.


  • fairly-traded, conflict-free gemstone

  • lead-free bohemian glass

  • manufactured in the European union

  • designed by VitaJuwel glass artists in the German Alps

  • results verified by lab analysis

  • tested by doctor's & alternative practitioners


For more details on gemstone water watch An Introduction to Gem Water and VitaJuwel video.








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amethyst - aventurine quartz - rose crystal


Beauty emerges from within. Of course, we grow older but we don't have to look old. Fresh, smooth-looking skin is a sign of youth and health. Plenty of sleep, a balanced diet and sufficient pure water are essential to maintain your skin's elasticity. This blend is perfect for those who want their inner beauty to radiate out into the world. Numerous beauty salons have integrated this special vial as a permanent part of their beauty program.







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Wellness Basic Mixture
rose quartz - amethyst - rock crystal


This basic, well-balanced composition is used to vitalize water for hundreds of years. Crystal experts claim that amethyst strengthens awareness and rose quartz fosters tranquility. Either way, having this original vial and a decanter by VitaJuwel on your dining table or office desk will remind you to drink more water. Most customers find gemwater made with this blend to taste smooth and mild. If you're unsure, with which blend to start your VitaJuwel collection with, choose this one!




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emerald - rock crystal


Water is the elixir of life! There are countless ways to strengthen your immune system and your self-healing powers. Louis Pasteur, the great French bacteriologist, said 150 years ago: “We drink 90 percent of our illnesses. Your body needs well functioning cleansing processes for stable health. Improve your health daily in the simplest of all manners – drink pure water. Become vital!





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Phiolino -Amethyst
Your companion to enjoy gem water where ever you go...


…with crystal quartz granules, a fiery garnet and an exquisite amethyst. Featuring an elegant water drop design, the Phiolino commands attention as you enjoy the convenience of gemwater at your favorite restaurant or while visiting with friends and family in their homes.





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red jasper - sodalith - orange calcite - agate (brown) - aventurine quartz


With children, the water content within the body is highest. Therefore the need of pure, fresh water is essential. Especially during phases of growth, drinking sufficient amounts of healthy water is imperative. Furthermore, drinking water enhances our children's concentration and ability to learn. Children discover the fascination and the power of gemstones with a VitaJuwel vial in this very special mixture. The sparkle of the colorful stones in the decanter is turning water into the new favorite drink of our little ones.




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