Enjoy your own fresh and pure gemstone water with your hand-crafted gemstone vial that is as unique as you are.


Gemstone water - a method of drinking water enhancements, that can be traced back to ancient time for the journey of life.


These are for good reasons, since gemstones are valued for many characteristics; they improve the taste and salubriousness, keep the water fresh, and they prevent bacterial contamination. Gemstones can neutralise the negative consequences of technical water preparation by revitalising the water and increasing its health promoting qualities.


  • fairly-traded, conflict-free gemstone

  • lead-free bohemian glass

  • manufactured in the European union

  • designed by VitaJuwel glass artists in the German Alps

  • results verified by lab analysis

  • tested by doctor's & alternative practitioners


For more details on gemstone water watch An Introduction to Gem Water and VitaJuwel video.








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Decanter Classic 1.5L

Get one of our VitaJuwel decanters in addition to your original VitaJuwel vial for the full gem water experience right from the start! Our elegant decanters are specially designed to hold a generous 50 oz. and complement our vials in form and size. The base of the decanter is rounded on its inside and, thus, helps prevent your vial from touching against the sides of the decanter.
All of our decanters are individually hand-crafted by Bohemian glassblowers. The use of premium glass, free from any harmful substances, is the core of our company philosophy which combines stability, functionality and continuity – all in one perfect masterpiece of glass.








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Lid for Decanter Classic Harmony

The matching lid for your VitaJuwel decanter prevents dust from settling in your gem water.








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Retainer Chain

Together with your original VitaJuwel vial and the matching VitaJuwel decanter, the stainless steel chain completes your gem water starter set. It assures that your VitaJuwelvial remains securely in place inside the decanter. By attaching the vial to the handle of the decanter, the chain minimizes the risk of accidental glass damage.






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VitalJuwel Stand (Glass)

More and more friends of VitaJuwel use several gemstone mixtures. Why should you “hide” mixtures currently not in use in the cabinet?

In order to enjoy the sight of your VitaJuwel gemstone mixtures, we developed these top-quality glass stands for 3 VitaJuwel gemstone mixtures.

Notice: The delivery does not include the VitaJuwel vials.