The Power of Plants for Body and Soul


More than just fragrances, Primavera’s pure essential Oils can be incorporated into many aspect of daily life to promote holistic well-being.


Primavera’s Essential Oils are 100% pure


They are:


  • genuine – they are natural and unchanged

  • authentic – they contain oil solely from the plants indicated

  • unadulterated – they contain no artificial or synthetic additives

  • pure – they are not stretched with fractions of other botanicals




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Oregano* Org
Item No. 10566 - 5ml


Spice me up! Primavera Oregano Oil is a warming and stimulating Essential Oil. Use it in a diffuser in the cold season of the year, in sports oils and in the sauna. Also used for infections, rheumatism, respiratory problems, muscular pain and digestive disorders.






Palmarosa* Org
Item No. 10620 - 5ml


Gentle as Roses petals, Palmarosa smells rose-like and delicately floral. Palmarosa Oil is very mild and gentle, good for the body and soul and gentle mind-set. Use it in natural cosmetics for facials and body oils, in foot care or for floral compositions . Often used for skin infections, acne, tensions and stress






Patchouli* Org
Item No. 10119 - 5ml


Not only for flower power, Patchouli is an Essential Oil with many skills. Earthy, Balsamic, grounding, balancing, it is helpful for stress and mood swings. It can be used for aroma massage and body oils. Often used for infections, skin inflammations, acne, eczema and dandruff.




Peppermint* Org
Item No. 10553 - 5ml


To fight spring tiredness, put 5 drops of peppermint into a diffuser. The crystal-fresh, cool and activating scent of Peppermint Oil is refreshing and energizing in the case of lethargy and tension. It is very pleasant to use while traveling. You also can use it for in haling, nausea and headache in a diffuser or as rub (Blended with a carrier Oil). Often used for weakness, lethargy, nausea, fevers, headaches and nausea.





Rose Geranium * Org
Item No. 10643 - 5ml


Rose Geranium is a rosy, sunny-floral essential Oil that is ideal for delicate skin, Due to its anti inflammatory properties, Rose Geranium is soothing for the skin and is therefore used in a wide range of skin care and wellness products. Good for facials, body oils, massage oils, bath oils and for floral blends. Often used for menstrual problems, eczema, depression, sores, neuralgia, tension, stress and nervous conditions.





Rosemary* Org
Item No. 10575 - 5ml


Essential Oils can be a good friend to you around the clock. Especially in the morning we need a little kick to feel revitalized and invigorated. Rosemary Oil has a clear, Fresh, active scent and is wonderful in a morning bath, a massage oil or in a diffuser for strengthening your body and mind. Often used for circulations problems, headaches, fatigue, skin infections and muscular aches. Do not use during pregnancy.






Sage* Org
Item No. 10577— 5 ml


Sage is spicy and herbal and contains many powerful qualities. It is cleansing and purifying for both body and mind. It can be used in a diffuser, in natural cosmetics for large - pores and impure skin, for mouthwashes and also for foot baths. Often used for sores, infections, relieving catarrh and rheumatism. Do not use during pregnancy.





Tea Tree
Item No. 10682 - 5ml


Tea Tree is an all around oil used a lot in Aromatherapy. It is a powerful remedy to treat skin problems and all sorts of infections. The smell is pungent, typically medicinal and herbal. Tea Tree is very often combined with Conifer  Oils and Lemons Oils to create synergistic and pleasant blends. It can be used in a diffuser as an air freshener and is very effective in skin, body and foot care. Often used for acne, fungal infections and Candida.





Vanilla* 15% Org
Item No. 10087 — 5 ml


Among the Essential Oils that can create a cozy feeling and enhance well-being, Vanilla is one of the most appreciated scents. Only few drops of warm, intensive, balsamic Vanilla Oil are needed in a diffuser or for sensuous, exotic body and massage oils. A Vanilla aroma bath can e a brightening, relaxing or even aphrodisiac experience. Often used for nervousness, insomnia, stress, tension and depression.





Vetiver* Org
Item No. 10203 — 5 ml


Energy from our vital source. Primavera Vetiver smells heavy, root like, deep and balsamic and is centering, grounding, balancing and stabilizing. Use it in times of stress or tough challenges for relaxing aroma bath or in herbal and exotic blends for body care. Often used for insomnia, stress, nervousness and tension.


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