The Power of Plants for Body and Soul


More than just fragrances, Primavera’s pure essential Oils can be incorporated into many aspect of daily life to promote holistic well-being.


Primavera’s Essential Oils are 100% pure


They are:


  • genuine – they are natural and unchanged

  • authentic – they contain oil solely from the plants indicated

  • unadulterated – they contain no artificial or synthetic additives

  • pure – they are not stretched with fractions of other botanicals




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Aniseed * Org
Item No. 10104 - 5ml


A warm, sweet, fennel-like Essential Oil that makes you breathe in fresh sweetness and enhances balance and stability. Primavera Aniseed Oil can be used for calming blends, body oils and for aroma baths. Avoid during pregnancy due to the hormonal-like action.






Bergamot * Org
Item No. 10240 - 5ml


Fresh, green-fruity and light Bergamot Oil lifts you up, fights winter depression and creates a good mood. Primavera Bergamot Oil is ideal when used in a diffuser, for baths or for sauna. Often used for tension, stress, depression, coughs, acne and nervousness.






Basil * Org
Item No. 10605 - 5ml


Herbal, green and sweet Essential Oil that acts like an anti-stress oil for the mind and spirit. Use Primavera Basil Oil in a diffuser for your office or for concentrated work, as well as for uplifting aroma bath oils. Often used for restlessness, insomnia, tension, stress, fatigue, colds, lack of concentration, aches and pain and nervousness.





Blood Orange * Org
Item No. 10502 - 5ml


Everybody is looking for the Joy of Life. Blood Orange is fruity, fresh and sweeter than Orange. It is energizing, refreshing, light-hearted and balancing. Blood Orange can be used in a diffuser or as an air freshener. Often used for anxiety, depression, nervousness, tension, constipation, and nervous conditions.





Cedar wood * Org
Item No. 10164 - 5ml


Cedar Wood Oil can make you feel fit for work. Its balsamic-woody, masculine scent is balancing, stabilizing, gives courage and strengthens self-confidence. Good for nervous tension and exam nerves. Can be used in a diffuser, in the sauna, in men's skin care, in massage oils and in the bath. Often used for acne, tension, stress, catarrh, arthritis and nervousness.





Citronella * Org
Item No. 10508 - 5 ml


Sunny-scented Citronella is widely known as an insect repellent, but it can also be used to create a sunny atmosphere. It has a fresh, herbal and lemony-balsamic scent. Use Citronella in a diffuser, in blends, in bath essences and in body oils.





Cinnamon leaf * Org
Item No. 11146 - 5ml


When storms are raging and sun rays are rare, a fragrant home environment creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Spice oils like Cinnamon Leaf Oil create a warm, stimulating ambience and enhance inspiration and creativity. Often used for colds, coughs, infections, the flu and rheumatism.





Clary Sage * Org
Item No. 10056 - 5 ml


Clary Sage Oil is warm, herbal and sweet. It helps to aid relaxation and is inspiring in deadlock situations and during a "midlife crisis." Use it in a diffuser, in massage oils, bath essences and natural perfumes.
Do not use during pregnancy. Often used for menstrual problems, hormonal imbalances, depression, PMS, tension and stress.





Douglas Fir * Org
Item No. 10124 - 5 ml


Take a deep breath. Clear, fresh, citrus-like Douglas Fir is strengthening, good at expelling mood swings, uplifting and concentrating.


It can be used in a diffuser, is a good air freshener in homes and offices, for the cold months, for the sauna, for herbal-fresh perfumes and aftershave lotions.


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