Aromatherapy - Diffusers


Stone Diffusers are a small, practical choice that can be easily transported and may be used anywhere.


The porous material holds a few drops of any essential oil and slowly releases the scent as it evaporates.


Add few drops of your favorite essential oil to create a soothing and refreshing feeling wherever you are.













Angel Large
Item No. 60076
H 15 cm, � 12 cm

Angel Small
Item No. 60075
H 9 cm, � 8 cm

Item No. 60068
H 15 cm, L 15 cm, W 9,5 cm

Item No. 60104




Frangipani on glass base
Item No. 60082
H 3 cm, � 9,5 cm

Ball on stainless steel Arc
Item No. 60084
H 8 cm, L 7 cm, W 11,5 cm

Water Lilly with green glass base
Item No. 60085
H 65 cm x � 19 cm

Item No. 60103




Rose Blossom on glass base
Item No. 60081
H 4.5 cm x � 10 cm

Energy Spiral Ceramic Base
Item No. 60077
H 2.5 cm x � 6 cm