Aromatherapy - Diffusers


Electric Diffusers are safe, quiet and effective.

They continuously release the scent of any essential oil, making this a perfect choice for unsupervised use in the office, bedroom and around children.

Add few drops of your favorite essential oil to create a soothing and refreshing feeling wherever you are.














Colored Lamps
Item No. 41040

H 28 cm, � 12 cm

Electric Lotus Stone
Item No.41001
H 6.5 cm, � 9 cm

Electric Yellow Stone
Item No. 41011
H 5 cm � 9 cm

Aroma Mouse
Item No. 42006
L 14 cm, H 7, W 9 cm






Aroma Stream
Item No. 41025
H 16 cm, � 12 cm

Aroma vaporizer
Item No. 42005
H 17 cm, � 14 cm