Aromatherapy - Diffusers


Candle Diffusers are an ideal way to create a special atmosphere in any room. The heat from the small candle gently warms a few drops of any essential oil, releasing the scent into the air.

Add few drops of your favorite essential oil to create a soothing and refreshing feeling wherever you are
















Viva Terracotta
Item No. 40037
H 14.5 cm 10.5 cm

Viva White
Item No.40035
H 14.5 cm, 10.5 cm

Viva Green
Item No. 40036
H 14.5 cm 10.5 cm

Viva Chocolate
Item No. 40038
H 14.5 cm, 10.5 cm






Aquarius Transparent
Item No. 40080
H 15 cm, 13 cm

Trio Anthracite Apricot
Item No. 40027
H 15 cm, 13.5 cm