Air Design








AROMATAO is a German company that provides the expertise and advanced scent diffusion equipment for air design. With a dedicated R&D division, AROMATAO has developed high quality natural fragrances through organic cultivation and with extensive research in aromatherapy, by using pure essential oils.


Our focus is on introducing individuals and companies into the scented air multi-sensory experience so that they can create the desired mood, impression or effect by using the right scent in the right environment. We are able to deliver and employ the correct scent and scent delivery systems to match the environment or the brand of any business.



AROMATAO scent range offers unlimited possibilities, of quality aroma and essential oils blends. All blends comply with the highest level of safety and regulatory compliance. We provide advanced technology scent diffusion equipment for sale or lease, and sell the aroma oil and other scent products used for machines (domestic or commercial appliances).


Revitalize your senses with natural scents, for a long lasting wellbeing!


Download: The Sense Of Smell .pdf