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Why organics


  Organic products are better for your skin  

Our health and beauty is deeply interconnected with the health and beauty of our environment.
Organic skincare formulas are primarily plant based, made with organic ingredients as nature intended, full of essential oils that have a healing effect on the skin. On the opposite, conventional skincare products are usually based on mineral oils, parabens, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances that can have a long-term harmful effect by patching the superficial layers of the dermis in time. Our skin needs to breathe and get nourished on a daily basis. Organic skincare, essentially plant based, will provide the skin with necessary nutrients to keep it healthy and flourishing.




  Organic products works better  

The products we consume affect our health. The human body needs to work in synergy with nature.
In contrast to conventional products, the organic products are pure, wholesome, nutritious, health enhancing and safe to use, as they do not contain toxic load from artificial, synthetic and processed ingredients. Organic products retain and contain essential nutrients that can be stripped away through conventional product processing. The benefit of using Organic is that our body will work, function and look better.




  Organic products are better for environment  

Organic produce or any finished organic products are derived from an organic agriculture. In particular, organic agriculture is intended to produce high quality nutritious produce by avoiding use of fertilizers, pesticides, animal drugs, genetic engineering, essentially harmful to life and natural environment.
Organic products are so called “eco-friendly” because at it’s base, organic agriculture is based on sustaining living ecological systems and cycles. Organic and bio-dynamic farmers work with nature and thus helping sustain natural ecological balance.




  Organic products are better for

the human body


In terms of health, it’s always better to prevent than to cure, therefore it is essential not to overload our bodies with toxins, hidden chemicals and live in polluted environments. Organic products will not have ingredients or additives of artificial or chemical origin that can be legally appear in the formulation of conventional products. You know you can trust organic products because of the Organic Certification, look for organic symbol on the pack. Choose quality in your life!